Rain Garden Professionals

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With the right training and planning, we believe everyone can build their own rain garden. But we also realize that not everyone has the time, or interest in doing it themselves. We have compiled a master list of professionals who have completed one of the 2-day rain garden workshops we offer.

While Stewardship Partners and Washington State University Extension can’t endorse any specific companies, we make the lists available for download, and you should evaluate any contractor and check references to ensure they are the right fit for your project.


Additional contractor resources are available through our partners:

If you live in Kitsap County: WSU Kitsap Extension has offered rain garden training workshops since 2011 and lists those contacts here.

If you live in the Seattle area: Seattle’s RainWise program has an extensive list of contractors that have been through their training workshops, available here.

If you live in Snohomish County: WSU Snohomish Extension has offered rain garden training workshops since 2013, and lists those contacts here.

If you live in the Bellingham area: Sustainable Connections has compiled a low impact development guide, in PDF form, with an excellent list of designers, contractors and installers.



We’ve compiled a list of questions that you can use to interview a landscaping professional about your rain garden project.

If you plan to use a contractor rather than doing it yourself, we still recommend that you take a class, watch the WSU Rain Garden video and review the WSU Rain Garden manual before interviewing potential contractors. These resources will give you insight for evaluating contractors.