About Rain Gardens

What is a Rain Garden?
A rain garden is a bowl-shaped garden designed to slow, filter, and absorb (infiltrate, in technical terms) runoff from roofs or pavement keeping it from becoming harmful water pollution. Rain gardens are carefully designed to achieve their goal by using spongy living soils and properly chosen plants.

Why Rain Gardens?

  • Rain gardens can beautify your home, adding to its value, while protecting your property and your community from flooding.

  • Rain gardens also provide habitat for bees, birds, butterflies and other wildlife, help improve air quality and reduced your carbon footprint.

  • Rain gardens are a proven way to reduce water pollution locally and regionally. Every year, heavy rains lead to massive flooding across Seattle and Puget Sound, wiping out roads, flooding homes and waterways with pollution from roads, and even sewage.

  • Rain gardens are an affordable option for homeowners and utilities compared with traditional pipe and drain systems. They require minimal time and skill to maintain each year, and actually work better over time unlike sewer pipes.
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