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Prevent flooding, reduce water pollution, beautify property

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Rain gardens are a proven way to prevent flooding, reduce water pollution and beautify your yard. Every year, heavy rains lead to massive flooding across Seattle and Puget Sound, wiping out roads, flooding homes and waterways with sewage. Rain gardens are very affordable options for homeowners compared with traditional pipe and drain systems, and require minimal time or skill to maintain each year. And, new education and incentive programs help homeowners with rain garden installations at little to no cost. Stewardship Partners and WSU offer free rain garden education workshops to homeowners, who will learn everything they need to know about Rain gardens, from start to finish.

Rain gardens are easy to install, and incredibly effective at reducing water pollution, especially if they are placed in clusters. The SEA Street project in Seattle resulted in the removal of 98 percent of contaminants from that street. If you and your neighbors would like to pursue adjacent Rain Garden installations, Stewardship Partners can help you get them for free. Visit our Rain Garden Clusters page for more details.