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RainWise Access Grant

The Problem/Barrier: Even relatively small ($1,000 or less) out-of Pocket costs for RainWise projects pose a barrier to many would-be participants, particularly low-income and underserved communities

The Solution: The RainWise Access Grant provides up to an additional $1,000 for RainWise eligible homeowners and non-profit community organizations (including religious groups) to bridge the gap between rebate amount and actual project costs for income limited and underserved communities.

How it works:

    1. Homeowner/Landowner applies to Stewardship Partners with a simple Landowner Agreement form (1pg) (download agreement here)
    2. Homeowner/Landowner submits some form of documentation verifying the following:

a. They own the RainWise eligible property in question (property tax form or printout from county records website)
b. Pre-approval for project from RainWise program inspector and projected rebate amount for project
c. They are under contract with a RainWise contractor
d. They are income limited (For homeowners: Meets HomeWise income guidelines or verified enrollment in a utility assistance program or food stamps. For non-profits: state or federal registration or non-profit letter of the non-profit organization status)
e. They have a contractor and homeowner approved project budget

     3. Access Grant will cover

a. Not more than $1,000
b. Not more than 25% of the total RainWise project budget
c. No more than the difference between the total project cost and the RainWise rebate amount

Get Started:

  Access Grant One Pager in Other Languages:


Submit application materials and questions to:


1. A cistern project with a verified budget of $3,800 that is eligible for a $2,800 RainWise rebate, could receive a $950 access grant (25% of total cost, $50 out of pocket cost to landowner).
2. A project with verified budget of $3,000 that is eligible for a $2,800 RainWise rebate could receive a $200 rebate (the difference between total project cost and rebate amount).
3. A project with a verified budget of $6,300 that is eligible for a $5,000 rebate would be eligible for a $1,000 access grant (access grant maximum for any project is $1,000, $300 out of pocket cost to landowner).

This pilot project is supported by a King County Wastewater Treatment Division Green Grant for the Lower Duwamish Watershed with additional funding coming from a King County Council allocation to expand eligibility to all RainWise basins in early 2016.