This year’s theme was: Money as Medicine* – Historic investments are a historic opportunity for healing.

Thank you to all who attended the 2023 Green Infrastructure Summit of the Salish Sea on March 17th. It was great to be together again after all these years and it’s clear that this community is growing and intersecting with a lot of important interrelated issues. Our growing diversity of experiences and perspectives is our greatest asset, so thank you for bringing and sharing your real selves in these important conversations.

If you missed a session, or want to watch it again, you’ll find the session recording playlist on our YouTube page (please note that only sessions in the auditorium were available for both livestream and recording).

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*Acknowledgement to Edgar Villanueva who popularized the concept ‘money as medicine’ in his important book, Decolonizing Wealth.

At the 2023 Green Infrastructure Summit of the Salish Sea we are taking the historic opportunity to look at past infrastructure investments to inform how current infrastructure investments can best meet our needs today. We have historic work ahead of us if we want to see change. This year we will talk about planning infrastructure investments from indigenous perspectives that have a 10,000 year track record of success. We will also discuss ways to create complex collaborative projects that center the needs of communities and accomplish multiple expansive (not reductionist) goals. There will be presentations and discussions on funding, workforce and career pathways, regional coordination, research, modeling, design and planning at watershed scales, and food systems too. We’ll have opportunities to walk outside, share food and drinks together, talk in the hallways, and yes, we will talk about tires too!

What: The 8th annual Green Infrastructure Summit of the Salish Sea
Where: Mobius Hall, Cascadia College, Bothell, WA (with an online livestreaming option for the larger sessions)
When: March 17, 2023 (approx. 8:30 AM-4:30 PM)


Summit Goals

  1. Understand the full breadth of current green infrastructure work and organizational strengths across .edu, .org, .com, and .gov sectors
  2. Identify gaps and catalyze strategic partnerships to: Grow a powerful green infrastructure coalition and clean water constituency for Salish Sea, Inspire ourselves to pursue innovative and intersectional green solutions to stormwater pollution, Envision long-term funding approaches that are on par with the scale of our challenge


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